"Almost Done" The Bangor Literary Journal (Issue 14)

Susannah Jordan is the Editor-in-Chief of Cease, Cows. She earned an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Queens University of Charlotte, where she served as a Nonfiction Editorial Assistant for Qu, the school’s literary magazine. She is the author of Calcification, a micro chapbook from post ghost press. Her writing has appeared in TSS Publishing, HuffPost, detritus, and The Drabble, among others. Her visual art has appeared in Not Ghosts, But Spirits IVBeaver Magazine, The Bangor Literary Journal, FERAL: A Journal of Poetry & Art, 3Elements Literary Review, Cotton Xenomorph, The Green Light, formercactus, Riggwelter Press, and The Tishman Review.

Visual Art

Long Legged Road Trip

“Late in the summer of 2020, I moved my family from NYC to Los Angeles. In the midst of a global pandemic, historic wildfires, and a record breaking heatwave, processing this new and foreign environment seemed impossible. As a means of coping in this disorienting, liminal space, I began writing fragmented letters to a poet friend who lives on the east coast and grew up in LA.”

It hasn’t rained here for 11 days. So,

I bought some sage to reset the house.

A house full of things that are not min


is a claim about how little I know.

I read a glossary of forestry terms

and know only several. In fact, I

would have failed an elementary

diagram or tree quiz this morning.

I could not name three parts. I would start

with the roots, and then label the trunk.

I would label the bark, although

that’s not one of the three main parts.

Or maybe the leaves, so many peacock eyes.

I would not be able to name the top:

the crown, the beauty. I’m an Eve anyway.

In Milton she keeps her eyes


I’ve been enchanted with nature, and trees in particular, for as long as I can remember. In the winter you can find me wandering around outside, snapping pictures of snow-covered tree limbs. In the spring, I’m bewitched by the flowering branches. This piece of digital photo art resulted from playing around in Photoshop with a picture I took of trees displaying fall foliage.

Susannah Jordan earned an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Queens University of Charlotte, where she served as Nonfiction E

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